‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات drug-abuse-treatment. إظهار كافة الرسائل
‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات drug-abuse-treatment. إظهار كافة الرسائل

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History of drugs

drug rehab centers

Poppy and appears after coagulation juicer white rags turns its color to Brown, where the extract of opium

1. alcohol
2. cannabis hemp
4. morphine 5-heroin
6. amphetamines
7. cocaine

drug rehab centers

The heritage of ancient civilizations many effects familiar human drugs since the remote times, and have found those effects in the form of inscriptions on the walls of temples or the writings of the ancient Egyptian Papyrus, or as the legends handed down from generation to generation, irrigated Hindus, for example, they believe that God (Shiva) is the cannabis plant from the ocean, and then extracted from the rest of the gods what they described as the divine nectar and they mean by hashish and pattern the Greeks showed the area under poppy plants on the walls of tombs and temples, these varied symbolism Inscriptions by the gods that hold them, in the hands of the gods (HERA) means, and the gods (Demeter) means the fertility of the Earth, God, (Pluto) means death or eternal sleep as the Andean tribes including the anchrnt legend says that a woman descended from the sky to ease the pain of people and bring them Noma savory, and thanks to the divine power to the coca tree came up date-month drug known to man


Alcohol is one of the oldest drugs that caused by human, you're China earlier communities to know the natural fermentation of different types of foods, the Chinese-made wines from nemesis walbtaba, wheat and barley, and abused types of drinks they call them (GIO) any wine, and then go to wine grapes from the Arab world in nearly 200 BC after contacts between the Chinese and Roman Empires, along with drinks, alcoholic in ancient China with a number of social events such as offering sacrifices to the gods celebrate victory, Askar Yohzaa model is not unique in an automatic, human knowledge of alcohol, as this model is similar in Egyptian, Indian, Romanian, Greek, also known as alcohol and primitive tribes in Africa and Asia

Cannabis hemp

Latin word meaning noise cannabis, cannabis has been named with this name because the dealer happens after anesthetic noise peak effect of the active substance in cannabis plant that manufactures lawn, and meaning in the Arabic language (grass) or plant for UL, some researchers believe that the word hashish is derived from the Hebrew word, a Sheesh, which means joy, from which the user of Ecstasy and joy when the abuse of cannabis, and may know the ancient peoples wastkhdamth in cannabis use, it made of its fibres and types of Fabrics, used in religious wetriogih, and one of the first people I have known and used by the Chinese people, have known the Emperor waging resulted in 2737 BC and then giving him happiness, and Hindus have also diluted the sorrows, in the 7th century BC the Assyrians used in religious ceremonies and his plant, konobo, world vegetable derived linaus in 1753 from the word knabis


First discovered the area under poppy (opium) were residents of Central Asia in the 7th Millennium BC and spread to different regions of the world, the ancient Egyptians had ever known in the fourth millennium BC, and were using it to cure aches, and the Sumerians and named it is happiness, and spoke Sumerian paintings dating back to 3300 BC, the opium harvest, and Babylonians, Persians, Chinese and Indians also used it, and then go to Greece and the Romans, but asao'o ghastamalh, both misused, and recommended their wises to prevent its use, this was confirmed by the manuscripts The old homirso and abugrat, from Aristotle to Virgil and the Arabs knew opium since the eighth century, Ibn Sina described to treat inflammation of the lung membrane which then was called da pleurisy and some types of colic, said David Antioch on his ticket called a ticket first and whole kernels of wonder is inconceivable under the name poppy


It is a derivative of opium, where German scientist, sirtbrz, 1806, of the opium, and named it the name relative to the machine, the Morpheus dream machine when the Greeks helped the medical use of morphine in surgical operations, especially during the civil war that erupted in the United States in (1861-) since the invention of the DART medical use of morphine injection in the hand


Heroin is also one of the most serious morphine derivatives, discovered in 1898, and produced by Bayer pharmaceuticals, then abused and included in high-risk drugs

Stimulants steroids

Prepared for the first time in 1887, but it was used medically in 1930, and was marketed commercially under the name benzorine, and then manufacture many more such as kekedrine walmstidrine walritalin, soldiers and Aviators in World War II, they continue to work without feeling tired, but I did not stop Japan from the war and she was to be the first country that the drug abuse has spread among young people as much as when the Japanese who previously used by 1.5 million in 1954, the Japanese Government has mobilized all its resources to eliminate these The problem and already succeeded in largely 1960


Define coca from which cocaine in South America more than 2,000 years ago, and spread its use to the Inca Indians, and in 1860 the world Alfred Nieman of isolating the active ingredient in coca, and since then has spread worldwide, and b a used sanaaaladoehnzora > impact the central nervous system stimulant, so use in promotional and especially drinks Coca Cola, but ruled out of composition in 1903, and promoted by the pharmaceutical industry and many propaganda was that Its effect is to coffee and tea, the famous doctors who promoted the plant doctor pharmacist Ironwood Marianne, the French used them in more than 15 producers of products reflected the long history of the cultivation of coca in Latin America to combat it are huge Empires spread in Peru and Colombia walbrazl, to smuggle to the Nations of the world, and comply with the u.s. market, the largest consumer of the drug in the world


Perennial tree approximately 2 meters in height between meters to, grown in Yemen and the Horn of Africa and Afghanistan and Central Asia Researchers identify first emerged out of this tree, while some believe that aolzhor was in Turkestan and Afghanistan believed that original home has returned to Abyssinia known Yemen and Ethiopia in the 14th century in the El-Megreisi (1365-1442) a tree fruit in the land of Abyssinia backbreaking called khat, where the population of chewing green leaves are small, active memory And remember the human is forgotten, and weaken the appetite and sleep, and were usually khat chewing in Yemen and Somalia, and deepened in society and she correlated with social customs especially in individuals walmatm and leisure which makes combat difficult task was first described scientifically came by the Swedish beer forskal 1763

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drug treatment facilities

drug treatment facilities

drug treatment facilities:

inpatient drug rehab centers:

"Tramal, amadol, tramax, kontrmal, altradol, tramondine" are other names for tramadol drug that has spread quickly among addressed a large segment of Egyptian society without the supervision of a doctor in the belief that it brings temporary happiness and increase sexual potency, concentration and cause it to addiction.

What is tramadol?

Tramadol is an analgesic to numb the moderate to severe pain which includes combinations of the opiate group, which strongly affect the inhibition of pain receptors in the central nervous system and can be used for long periods or in high doses can cause addiction when returning the body to problems with brain cells and nerves and prescribed for cancer patients and patients with malignant tumors

What are the harms of drug tramadol?

• Cause head pain and headaches of power
• Causes dizziness, nausea, constant
• Neural and muscle cramps
• Defective vision occurs
• Difficulty breathing
• Addiction tramadol may cause failure in liver and kidney functions also
• Lead the altramadol long-term damage to brain cells
• Sudden death trance
* Psychologically real estate tramadol addiction leads to anxiety and stress, severe mood swings and aggression and lack of appreciation of things resulting in severe depression

Does tramadol cause drug addiction?

Yes, tramadol cause psychological and physical addiction and one morphine derivatives and when handling the natural secretion of stop alandrovine that resist the sensation of pain and body get used to tramadol.

How do you know tramadol drug addict?

There are many tags that appear on tramadol addicted them to:
• Isolation and lack of concern for others
• Hallucinations or sudden cry kldahak
• Red eyes
• Constant lying
• Rapid change in mood of calm to a nervous and vice versa
• Unbalance during walking and losing focus
• The permanent sense of fear and control

What are the damage when taking overdoses of the drug tramadol?

Happens with large doses of tramadol to serious damage and are difficulty breathing, fainting, convulsions, cardiac arrest and death.

What are the usage of wrong lltramadol?

The widespread use of tramadol as a type of sex steroids and also uses people who need their more muscular effort and work for long periods

What are the withdrawal symptoms tramadol?

Is tramadol withdrawal symptoms of body anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, muscle spasms, difficulty concentrating, nightmares, headaches, nervous overloads, temporary memory loss, these symptoms begin to appear after several hours of the last dose and severity in 2 to 4 days and may result in a stop into a State of depression.

holistic drug treatment

How effective is tramadol addiction to addiction treatment center or doctor in charge and this is because the withdrawal symptoms are severe lltermadol that it may lead to sudden death

inpatient alcohol rehabilitation

inpatient alcohol rehabilitation

inpatient alcohol rehabilitation

Alcohol is the most influential and damage of the drug that is the addictive physically or mentally, or both, with continued use of alcohol leads to influence brain function that can continue throughout life and also result in behavior disorders and thus influence the functionality within the family, work and society.

What is the effect of alcohol on the body:

Affect on ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is the main material in all types of liquor to many damages to the members of the body, including the liver, causing alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver, and immune and cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract, and structural device such as osteoporosis, and alcohol can damage the pancreas and stomach lining and alcohol may lead to heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetic heart muscle disease hurts the heart muscle.

Primary diseases that infect the flesh

• Alcohol poisoning – cardiomyopathy – liver cirrhosis • alcohol nerve disease
The secondary diseases that infect the flesh
• Increased risk of cancer
Alcohol addiction
Alcohol addiction
• Intestinal infectious disease • high blood pressure • stroke • pancreatitis • pneumonia/influenza • anemia

What are the signs of alcoholism?:

• The need for strong alcohol
• Continue and cannot control stops drinking alcohol and loss of control
• The need to drink greater amounts to reach orgasm
• A behavioural turmoil and anxiety and stress
• Lack of attention to effective interventions in order to drink alcohol
• Aggressive and inappropriate behaviour • lack of focus and emotional unbalance
• Lack of good governance matters
• Deterioration in appearance and cleanliness of person
• Lack of attention and memory loss

What are the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal?

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal after 8 hours of downtime on the deal was several points:
• General weakness in the body
• Heart palpitations
• Excessive sweating and nervousness • high blood pressure
• Dryness of the throat
• Stomach pain nausea vomiting
Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal
Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal
• Audio and visual hallucinations
• Disturbance of consciousness

What are the causes of alcoholism?

• Bad companionship• Hereditary factors• Social problems with parents or relatives• Psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and other• Use of drugs such as cannabis and heroin

drug rehab programs.!

Software alalagbh in two phases and stages of the qualifying stages and the most important is the detoxification and withdrawal of the patient's risk of delirium tremens which threaten life and hope in recovery and relapse prevention